Like most of you in the Mid-Ohio Valley, I woke up Monday morning to find us buried in snow.   So outside I go, grab the snow shovel and start digging….sidewalks, patio, driveway, vehicles….and yep, you guessed it, I even had to shovel a spot in the yard so the dogs could “do their business.”

If you are dog lover like myself and especially if you have small dogs (I have two Jack Russells) you know they hate going out in the snow. Which, inevitably, leads to “accidents” in the house.

  1. Use a paper towel or toilet paper and cover the spot and stand on it.  Repeat this until you have pulled out all the urine you can.   DO NOTHING ELSE!!
  2. Treat the area with a little Febreze for PETS if there is an odor.
  3. Call us to handle the “yellowing” or any other discoloration.

A lot of these “Do it Yourself” urine treatments can cause permanent damage.  Don’t Risk it.  Call us and we can help.  We have the products you need for urine yellowing stains and all your pet odor and accident problems.

Trust me, with dogs like mine, I get plenty of practice in dealing with these situations.
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